How to convert audio files online-Without installing any converter

Converting audio files to different format based on your requirements like for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, and music player format is very much easy. 

You can get the conversion of audio files through the web conversion facility provided by


This site can help you convert your audio files to a number of formats. The list of supported formats are given below:

Windows Media Audio Format .wma
convert WMA to MP3 � convert WMA to Ogg � convert WMA to WAV

MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio .mp3, .mpga, .rbs
convert MP3 to Ogg � convert MP3 to WAV � convert MP3 to WMA

Waveform Audio Format .wav
convert WAV to MP3 � convert WAV to Ogg � convert WAV to WMA

Real Media/Real Audio .ra, .rm, .ram
convert RM to MP3 � convert RM to Ogg � convert RM to WAV � convert RM to WMA

MPEG-4 Audio Format .m4a, .m4b, .mp4, .m4r
convert MP4 to MP3 � convert MP4 to Ogg � convert MP4 to WAV � convert MP4 to WMA

Free Lossless Audio Codec .flac
convert FLAC to MP3 � convert FLAC to Ogg � convert FLAC to WAV � convert FLAC to WMA

Advanced Audio Coding .aac
convert AAC to MP3 � convert AAC to Ogg � convert AAC to WAV � convert AAC to WMA

uLaw/AU Audio File .au
convert AU to MP3 � convert AU to Ogg � convert AU to WAV � convert AU to WMA

MPEG Layer II Audio .mp2
convert MP2 to MP3 � convert MP2 to Ogg � convert MP2 to WAV � convert MP2 to WMA

Audio Interchange File Format .aif, .aiff
convert AIFF to MP3 � convert AIFF to Ogg � convert AIFF to WAV � convert AIFF to WMA

Adaptive Multi-Rate .amr
convert AMR to MP3 � convert AMR to Ogg � convert AMR to WAV � convert AMR to WMA

Ogg Vorbis .ogg
convert Ogg to MP3 � convert Ogg to WAV � convert Ogg to WMA

Creative Labs Audio File .voc
convert VOC to MP3 � convert VOC to Ogg � convert VOC to WAV � convert VOC to WMA

WavPack .wv
convert WV to MP3 � convert WV to Ogg � convert WV to WAV � convert WV to WMA

Advanced Systems Format .asf
convert ASF to MP3 � convert ASF to Ogg � convert ASF to WAV � convert ASF to WMA

Musepack .mpc
convert MPC to MP3 � convert MPC to Ogg � convert MPC to WAV � convert MPC to WMA

Dolby Digital .ac3
convert AC3 to MP3 � convert AC3 to Ogg � convert AC3 to WAV � convert AC3 to WMA

Tracker Formats .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, .669, .amf, .ams, .dbm, .dmf, .dsm, .far, .mdl, .med, .mtm, .okt, .ptm, .stm, .ult, .umx, .mt2, .psm
convert MOD to MP3 � convert MOD to Ogg � convert MOD to WAV � convert MOD to WMA

MIDI .mid, *.midi
convert MIDI to MP3 � convert MIDI to Ogg � convert MIDI to WAV � convert MIDI to WMA

Speex .spx
convert SPX to MP3 � convert SPX to Ogg � convert SPX to WAV � convert SPX to WMA

3GP .3gp
convert 3GP to MP3 � convert 3GP to Ogg � convert 3GP to WAV � convert 3GP to WMA

Monkey’s Audio .ape
convert APE to MP3 � convert APE to Ogg � convert APE to WAV � convert APE to WMA

Shorten .shn
convert SHN to MP3 � convert SHN to Ogg � convert SHN to WAV � convert SHN to WMA

TwinVQ .vqf
convert VQF to MP3 � convert VQF to Ogg � convert VQF to WAV � convert VQF to WMA

True Audio .tta
convert TTA to MP3 � convert TTA to Ogg � convert TTA to WAV � convert TTA to WMA

Visit for converting your audio files.

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