Air Filtering, Smoke Extraction, Dust Collection Machines

Air we breathe is getting polluted day by day! Especially in the places where industries are very much active production, inside the factories and in fast growing cities where the greeneries are disappearing rapidly, along with rapid increase in constructions.


There are many NGOs working towards making our place it greener with planting more saplings and avoiding cutting of trees etc.  But the time taken for a sapling to become a tree, and help in natural air purification is more. In that respect, it’s always better to rely on machines and devices that can instantly purify the air.

Now there are such specific machines and instruments that can filter the polluted air and give out a fresh air by removing most of the toxic contents in the air, collecting dusts in your area, smoke extraction, fume controlling etc.

Machines can be portable as well as static table and stations which can filter the air. One of the pioneer company which manufacture such quality, reliable and safe filter systems is DualDraw.

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