Prototype Casting – Manufacturing Industry Services

Manufacturing industry is the back bone for most of all other industries for their proper functioning and business operations, and product creation.

Even if it is high tech industry, the creation of tools and dies made of iron, steel aluminum are necessary to properly make or offer high tech products to their end users.


Prototype Casting Inc is such company for the manufacturing industry to properly streamline their production needs, catering to their varying requirements.

The major services offered by them are into

Tool making, where specific and customized hardware tools can be made as per the requirements.

Engineering Support, for getting help on casting and machining to reverse engineering, 3D CAD modeling, and finite element analysis, our engineering department is capable of supporting projects.

Machine Parts, producing the highest quality parts for the machineries in production in less time.

Repairing and Modifying Parts, for replacing damaged, or not properly working equipment or parts.

Inspection and Testing, if you need to properly inspect your machines for proper functioning and also testing the commissioned systems

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