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How to recover lost data from USB pen drive

Data stored in USB or pen drive might get deleted by mistake or while trying to free up space.  If the lost data is very important and you cannot afford to miss it, here is a software that would help you recover from your pen drive. This software is from the very famous data recovery

How to recover deleted files from formatted drives

If you accidently delete a file from your hard drive and even if you format that drive, don’t worry, your file can be recovered still!!. If you delete a file, as per the design of most of the file systems the actual file will not get deleted, but an entry about that file in the

Recover your corrupted Microsoft Access Data

Data plays a crucial role in the progress and survival of any business. The data could be important financial reports, statistics or it could even day to day shipping and stock management data. Most of the small and medium companies rely on the database provided with Microsoft Office suite, none other than Microsoft Access Database.

Download Data and Movie Recovery Software for CD DVD BD and HD-DVD

IsoBuster is a data recovery software utility to recover corrupted data from CD, DVD. This data recovery software support all the CD and DVD data formats. Key features of IsoBuster are: This software tool can recover movie and data from very old CDs and DVDs. Another important capability of IsoBuster is that it can identify