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Download Apple Leopard theme for your Windows

Here is theme for Windows operating system, to give an experience about look and feel of Apple Leopard to all legacy Windows users. The theme is available in Its a cool theme for Windows, which makes it look alike Apple Leopard operating system. Nothing harm in trying it out. Get the Apple Leopard theme

Download free games for your Apple iPhone

Games in mobile phones really help, when you want to pass time and also to refresh yourself by taking a break from all the busy schedules and jumping in to the world of games.But, if you are an iPhone user, obviously you will also expect a lot more games for iPhone to pass time as

Play Piano with iPhone and iPod Touch

After the release of JailBreak AppSnapp for iPhone and iPodTouch running with 1.1.1 firmware, iPhone has started setting new trends in mobile computing. Sill you don’t have AppSnap in your iPhone?, You can install it by visiting from your iPhone. iAno is a cool application that can convert your iPhone and iPodTouch to a

Build a TV with Apple iPod Nano

Don’t get surprised, its true. I happened to watch a video from a YouTube user Markrirwin, which explains the reality of building a TV with your iPod Nano. It is also called Nanoscope. You have to watch the video below to believe it. Even though we have portable dvd players with good lcd displays, this

Gift Special iPod Nano to your Valentine

Apple has launched a valentine special iPod Nano, which could be an ideal gift for your sweet heart on the occasion of Valentine’s day. Bag your piece and give a surprise to your sweet heart on this Valentine’s Days. Also try, how you can easily make your own valentine greeting cards online. Also try out

How to detect a hidden wireless camera

Every individual lives with some secrets. People may have many secret intentions and associated deeds. A secret will become a public news, if it is caught in camera eyes. In fact, a lot spying agencies and counter spying agencies are putting their efforts in research to detect hidden cameras. Here is a small instrument which

How to avoid annoying telephone calls from telemarketers

Most of the people are getting fed up with repeated calls from telemarketing people. Among those calls some calls may be useful, but most of the calls would be really waste of time and annoying. In order to avoid calls from telemarketing people, you have to register your personal and business mobile phone and land

Charge iPod without normal power supply

Here is a new way of charging your iPod even without the main power supply. This is a very special way of charging your iPod, it is using an Onion. In order to accomplish this you also require some electrolyte. Here is a video by HouseholdHacker (a YouTube user) which depicts how to charge your

Download Bible for your mobile phone

We are now living in the era of mobile computing and even the GSM technology has celebrated 20th birthday. Because of the growth of advanced mobile handsets, computers and getting slowly replaced by mobile computers. Because of these rapid advancements many of the companies started porting most of the utilities and applications available for desktop

Find travel routes with your mobile and amAze

Amaze is a free GPS navigation software for mobile with integrated map search and route calculation facility. With the help of amAze installed in your mobile, you can find the routes between two places very easily.Along with route finding feature, amAze has a very good voice enabled guidance facility. This voice enabled guidance facility would