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How to integrate Chrome & Google Account

Google Chrome browser and Google Account can now be integrated. This helps in keeping many things in sync with your browser and Google account. You always need to update your Google Chrome web browser to experience new features that are getting added to it. After installing the latest version of the Google chrome, follow the

How to connect to remote desktop using Chrome

Google chrome is evolving day by day. Of course,  its anything more than a web browser. This evolution would eventually make the desktop and internet browser to converge. The extension, Chrome Remote Desktop in Beta is the first of its kind which allows users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a

Global Web Browser Usage Statistics 2011

Year 2011 has witnessed many dramatic twist and turns in the internet usage and applications. One of the major shift observed is in the web browser users migration. I still remember, there was time when more than 90% of the internet users were Internet Explorer users!.  But time has changed, as per the website statistics

Download Google chrome with most wanted browser features

Google has marked a beginning to its 10th year celebrations by releasing its new and feature rich web browser Chrome. Bloggers and news networks took this much awaited release to air, and the Chrome waves are spreading like fire. I also wish to share with you some of the best features in Google Chrome, that