Download Google chrome with most wanted browser features

Google has marked a beginning to its 10th year celebrations by releasing its new and feature rich web browser Chrome. Bloggers and news networks took this much awaited release to air, and the Chrome waves are spreading like fire. I also wish to share with you some of the best features in Google Chrome, that most of the internet users are longing to experience.

Option to reopen closed tabs: It may happen to many of us, to accidently close an opened tab. Google Chrome provides links for reopening last closed tabs in its every newly opened tab. 

Task manager: Chrome provides an inbuilt task manager for killing the Chrome processes within the Chrome browser, if any of the tab goes mad by not responding to inputs. This is similar to our very familiar windows task manager, for managing processes

Lighning fast: Here you can see the Google’s expertise and perfection. The browser pageloading and rendering time are remarkably well and much better than other existing browsers.
High security: You may be aware that in Chrome, every tab is created by spawning a new Chrome process. This makes the browser pages to have their on memory space that is specific to a process in windows operating system. Thus the security vulnerabilities like cross site scripting and accessing the memory areas of another site for stealing confidential information can be avoided.
Create website shortcuts on desktop: Chrome provides a bridge between desktop application and web application, by providing a shortcut option. With this shortcut option we can create a shortcut for any website and have it like a desktop webapplication. The shortcut can be used to invoke the preferred website like a desktop application.

Easy bookmarking: Chrome comes with an easy bookmarking facility, either by clicking the star icon or by by Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut. This will directly save the bookmarked item into the last used bookmark folder, if you doesn’t select any other folder.
If you did not give a try to Google Chrome, its not too late. Download Google Chrome.

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