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Add or remove a website from Google search results

Google provides few options in search query to add or remove search results from a specific website. This features will become very prominent when you want to search some topic which is available in a particular website. In order to do this you can specify the “site:” option and website url you are interested in,

Search PDF, PPT and DOC files with Google

If you want to search any specific presentation slides in PDF, PPT or PPTX format, you can use some Google hacks!. You can specify filtering option in Google so that search results will contain only areas or sections you are interested in. For example, if you would like to search presentations on “C++ programming” then

Google Search Improvements Timeline-Parameters to get top listed

Google search has evolved in multi-dimensions since its inception. There are many parameters that decide the priority of contents that appear in Google search results. Now, its not just page rank, or just back links (of course they are among the group of parameters) governs the popularity and visibility of your articles, videos and images

Inline search box in Google search results

Google ranks the websites based on the importance of the content or service provided by the site. Depending on the amount of useful information a website has, Google even provide inline search box for each item within the Google search result. The inline search box will help the user to search within the specified website