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Google Experimental Search defining new dimensions in search experience

Google is defining new dimensions in search with its new features aiming at improving the search experience.Google has introduced its Experimental Search in Google Labs, with features of: Timeline and Map views: With the help of timeline and map views, Google’s search technology extracts key dates and locations from selected search results so that you

New Tabs and Expanded more Menu in Google

Google has introduced new tab which contains the links to other Google services, on the top of its home page and search result pages. You can see this effect by visiting you can notice the new expanded ” more” menu with the remaining services that passed out of the Google Labs.I guess Google forgot

Nokia Launched Six New Mobile Devices

Nokia recently introduced six new devices that mark the next phase of mobile communication, moving key new technologies into the mainstream. These phones provide developers of business, multimedia and navigation applications with a wealth of creative possibilities worth exploring. The Nokia N77 is a mobile TV and multimedia computer running on the S60 3rd Edition