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Skype Free Unlimited calls, group video, screen sharing for 30 days

Microsoft is pushing the new strategy of gaining more user base by unifying all its messenger and live accounts with Skype!. And, to add momentum, they are allowing free Skype to international landlines and mobile phone calls free for 30 days to selected countries. Now, Skype offers some special tariff plans which would allow you

Skype Full Installer for Windows 8 and Mac OS

After joining the Microsoft family, Skype has became integral part of Microsoft messaging and communication platform. Skype has literally replaced the Messenger!. Latest releases of the Skype are made available as web installers, where the actual Skype setup components are downloaded on-demand by the installer. This necessitates the download  of Skype setup every time you

Make free video conference calls with new Skype

Conference calls are vital part of any project or business. Putting people together for getting things done is simplified through conference calls. But most of the cases conferencing requires specific hardwares and dedicated lines. Skype helped by providing free audio conferencing calls through internet. Now, the latest Skype software support  video conferencing, which can help

Free Video and Audio Chat in Linux using New Skype

Skype has become almost like a synonym for video and audio chatting through internet. Even though most of the general purpose VOIP application clients still ignore the Linux users, Skype has made difference by supporting video chat in its Linux version. Skype currently support four major flavours of Linux, Ubuntu 8.10+(both 32bit and 64bit), Fedora

Download All new Skype with improved voice clarity and call forwarding

Skype is one of the most preferred Internet voice chat client and VOIP service . The clarity maintained in the voice chat  put the Skype to the top preference among official and conference communication clients. Even though the Skype to Skype call are free, the voice clarity is not compromised. The latest release from Skype

Download Skype for your mobile to make cheaper calls

Skype has made a revolution in voice chat and internet telephony with its well pronounced voice clarity. Now Skype stands ahead of its competitors in the same field, with its innovative and creating touch to internet telephony. They also provides of couple of hardwares, that can be used to directly make Skype calls with and