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Facebook Gifts – E-Commerce in Social Dimension

Facebook Gifts, an innovative approach by Facebook team to give e-commerce business a social dimension. Unlike normal online gifting services for special occasions and moments, Facebook gifts supports sending gifts without actually knowing the recipients address. The Facebook Gifts let you buy a gift for your Facebook  friend, from the list of available gifts vendors. You don’t have to remember or

Did Yahoo miss the Social Networking bus?

Even when the waves of social networking ripples across the internet , the Internet Giant is slipping its steps to catch the Social Networking bus. Yahoo has started its spree of acquisitions to come out with a social networking site, but it seems like bursting in futility. Yahoo once pushed, then, and

Social Networking site features free video and text chat in the web browser

Now a days Social Networking is the buzz word in the internet, most of the big multinational conglomerates and venture capitalists made the business diversion to internet with social networking sites as their stepping stone. You would have received a lot of invitations from different social networking sites, by this time. Each of social networking

How to add more than 15 contacts per day in MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is a very famous blog networking and tracking website acquired by Yahoo. MyBlogLog still imposes a limit for adding number of contacts per day for ordinary accounts. The current limit for adding contacts for ordinary users is 15 per day. But now MyBlogLog users can overcome this per day limit for adding contacts by

Cafe from ibibo, social networking with mobile alerts and enhanced privacy

After letting people to get paid for blogging on ibibo platform, now they are come up with social networking with two great most expected features Controlling who should view your profile: With this feature, the profile owner can set restrictions whether his/her profile should be exposed to the public or only to best friends. But

Create your own social networking site for anything

Ning is a free online service for creating, customizing and sharing your own Social Networks. They claim that there are 75,000 social networks under!!. Even I also have one [Checkout Inspirations ] . They were out for some time to reload themselves with more features and greater capacity.Now they are back in full form.

Reliance entered the Social Networking Spree –

Reliance Entertainment, Indian business giant, made their first step into social networking . This could be one of the best example of business diversions we can ever see.Reliance christened their social networking site as Currently its in Alpha. So people can register only through invitations. You can see that within last few months there