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Tweet efficiently with TweetShort Web App

We often struggle to express our tweets within 140 characters limit imposed by Twitter. You can make your longer tweets fit in to the 140 characters by using your own short word notations. But it would be really helpful if there is a dedicated web app to take care of shortening your tweets without changing

Famous people & celebrities official twitter account

Twitter is the easiest way to listen to people over the internet. I have compiled the twitter accounts of few famous people and celebrities. Below are the official twitter accounts of few famous people and celebrities Barack Obama State Condoleezza The White House Bill Gates Melinda Gates, Lady Gaga Mariah Carey Rihanna Justin Timberlake

Sachin Tendulkar’s Official Twitter Account

If “Cricket is a religion, Sachin is our God”, one of the famous banners which will be displayed by Cricket fans, when Sachin Tendulkar is in the field. And, its a great news for all Cricket fans, that Sachin Tendulkar also joined the twittering spree. If you try to search for Sachin Tendulkar or any

Now experience Real-time Search in Twitter

Twitter has spear headed the micro blogging revolution by allowing its users to  update their status and queries through web, IM, mobile etc. Now twittering has become an easy way to throw your status updates to your friends or followers. Now twitter has launched a  real time search facility, that can help you search about

Twitter is Getting Over loaded with tweets

When I entered the Twitter home page to publish my blog update status in my twitter page, I was greeted with a nice banner from Twitter, which says Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets, please wait a moment and try again. Even though, I could not publish my tweets, I was very much impressed

Something is technically wrong – Twitter is down

When ever I login to my GMail Chat, I can find one friend always available for chat. It is none other than Twitter. But today I could not find my Twitter in my chat friends list, so thought of checking the twitter homepage to know what happened to twitter. It says like, they are working