Now experience Real-time Search in Twitter

twitter-logoTwitter has spear headed the micro blogging revolution by allowing its users to  update their status and queries through web, IM, mobile etc. Now twittering has become an easy way to throw your status updates to your friends or followers.

Now twitter has launched a  real time search facility, that can help you search about other user’s updates based on your search key words. The special thing about the search facility is that, the search results can be updated in real-time. After serving you the search result, if some one make a status update which contains the search keywords, twitter will show you the number of new updates available and will ask you to refresh the result.


In light of this search facility in twitter eweek reported a possible threat to Google search. But, in my opinion twitter search will cannot be threat to Google search, as the twitter search shows the result only from the status updates available with the twitter by its users where as Google provides the result from the indexed information from pages in the web.

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