Lotus Web Conferencing

IBM Lotus Web Conferencing provides a new alternative for organizations looking to use Web conferencing to reduce costs, improve sales, share information, and make faster decisions. Sharing the same technology as IBM’s market-leading Web conferencing solution (Sametime), Lotus Web Conferencing features new concurrent user pricing, making it easy to purchase just the number of licenses needed and also allowing external parties – customers, partners, suppliers, etc. – to participate in Web conferences, too. Because it is designed for on-premise deployment, Lotus Web Conferencing can offer significant cost advantages while making it easy to extend the benefits of Web conferencing across an organization.

Lotus Web Conferencing also takes advantage of audio integration capabilities that give participants unprecedented control over their meetings. Features such as a visual indication of who is speaking and who has joined the call, as well as the ability to mute individual participants, can help minimize distractions and improve the effectiveness of the Web conference.

A security-rich solution from a long-trusted collaboration leader, Lotus Web Conferencing is easy to deploy and provides flexible integration with existing infrastructures and Web applications.

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  • Brings people together in live meetings, instantly and securely, from wherever they are located — down the hall or around the world, inside or outside the organization.
  • On-premise capabilities with concurrent-user pricing yield predictable costs at a highly competitive price, while helping to reduce the need for travel with its related costs and productivity losses.
  • Replaces sequential e-mail strings and linear sign-offs with real-time group consensus, which helps to foster faster decisions.
  • Provides easy, immediate access to online meetings, without IT involvement, enabling fast, convenient information exchange among teams or groups of any size, whether internal or customer-facing.
  • Browser support for virtually anyone, Windows and UNIX users, enables all to participate in controlled sharing of sensitive information, assisted by tools such as a virtual whiteboard and polling to reach group consensus.

Product features

  • Audio integration capability: Integrate teleconferences into the meeting room, enabling participants to more effectively manage the meeting by allowing them to mute participants, raise and lower volume, or have the conference call them directly. These audio features, available and billed for separately from third-party providers, can be integrated into the product using a free-of-charge audio adapter that can be downloaded from IBM and installed separately.
  • Security: Authenticate users when they log on. Protect Web conferences with a password, and limit access to only the individuals who receive invitations.
  • Scalability: Enable hundreds of people to view the same presentation or Web application or to engage in a whiteboard session. Link multiple servers to increase scalability and reduce traffic across WANs.
  • Encryption: Enhance security. Encrypt Web conference content and data to restrict meeting content to authorized viewers only.
  • Directory support: Use existing directories — like IBM Lotus Domino or any Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory — to control exactly who can access the environment. And create and manage each directory on the fly.
  • Proxy support and firewalls: From the edge of the network, let external users access the server without compromising network security. HTTP tunneling on port 80 enables clients with restrictive firewalls, operating in corporate networks, to connect to the server over the Internet. Client-side support for proxies includes HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
  • Server management: Use the browser-based interface to set up new users, administer security and access privileges, monitor activity levels and analyze usage trends.
  • For more information, see the IBM Lotus Web Conferencing Data Sheet and Why Choose IBM Lotus Web Conferencing? (pdfs).

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