Mac run Microsoft Office

These days, who doesn’t use Microsoft Office at least some of the time? People all over the world use Excel, PowerPoint and Word. On Macs, too.

With Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac OS X, you too can create documents with Word, presentations in PowerPoint, and spreadsheets with Excel with the same features and shortcuts you’ve been using on your Windows PC — so you won’t have to re-learn a thing. Plus you’ll enjoy virtually flawless compatibility with Microsoft Office for Windows, so you can easily share documents with friends and colleagues.

You’ll even notice a few things in Office for Mac not available in the Windows version. For example, a Project Centre helps you be more efficient by putting all of your project-related email messages, files, notes, contacts and schedules in one convenient place. You can also take full advantage of Mac OS X Tiger’s powerful Spotlight search, which indexes file names, metadata and even the content inside your Office documents; with one search, you can quickly find the exact document you’re looking for even if you don’t know what it’s called or when you wrote it.

Office for Mac also includes a powerful email program: Entourage. It handles email messages, contacts, schedules, notes, documents and more from one central location. And if your organisation uses an Exchange Server, no problem: support is already built into Entourage 2004.

Other Microsoft applications such as Windows Media Player and MSN Messenger are available for the Mac, as well. Mac OS X also supports many proprietary protocols, file formats and other Microsoft-specific technologies that enable Macintosh computers to be used with Active Directory and Microsoft’s VPN server. Of course, any program that’s not yet available for Mac — such as Microsoft Access or Project — can still run on your Intel-based Mac using Boot Camp.

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