Snapp Radio from Sun Labs – Mash it up Yourself

What is Snapp Radio
Snapp Radio is a mashup of Radio Paradise, and Flickr. While you are listening to music on Radio Paradise or Last.FM, Snapp Radio will collect images that are related to the current song and present them as a slideshow in your Web browser.

How does it work?
Snapp Radio will connect to Radio Paradise or Last.FM to figure out what song you are currently listening to. Snapp Radio augments this information by connecting to Last.FM and finding any social tags that have been attached to this song and artist. Snapp Radio then uses all of this information to fashion a set of queries to Flickr to find a set of interesting images that are related to the song. Snapp Radio collects the images, orders them in an interesting way and presents them to you in your Web browser.


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