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Create widgets to share your photos and videos on blogs with, an online document, photos and video sharing site is now giving away custom widgets to share your photos and videos with your friends. These widgets are very cool in look and more over it can be easily integrated with your blog and website. has different file storing and sharing schemes depending on your

WebEx Meeting Center – Dawn of new era in Web Meetings

WebEx Meeting Center is an ultimate web meeting solution from WebEx. This can help you conduct meetings with customers and colleagues around the globe to present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects. Features of WebEx Meeting Center Integrate live audio, video and data: Easily create dynamic and persuasive multimedia presentations that integrate live audio,

WebOffice – Award Winning Collaboration Web Office Suite from WebEx

WebEx has launched their award-winning collaboration suite WebOffice that uses the power of the web to make it easy for everyone to work together – from anywhere in the world.WebEx WebOffice comes with an initial 30 days trial, so that its users can enjoy the web collaboration suite experience and to make their decision. There

FlurryMail – Get your email in your Mobile for Free

What is flurryFlurry is an online service which gathers all your email and news into your mobile. Features of flurry Fast & Easy. flurry is an application you install on your phone that makes reading and composing email fast and easy to use Multiple email accounts on one phone. Between your ISP, webmail, etc. there – Free Online File Storage is a virtual storage space for your computer files. With packages starting at just $4.99 per month for 5GB, you will have enough space to hold thousands of Documents, Photos, Music Files, and Video Clips. Try us out for as long as you’d like by signing up for our 1GB free account. Whether you

.Mac – Its Life On the Internet

What is .Mac?.Mac (pronounced “Dot Mac”) refers to a group of online services offered by Apple Computer mainly for its Mac OS users, although a limited subset of features are available for other platforms. Originally a free service exclusively to Mac OS users, .Mac now works on an annual subscription service.Features of .Mac Publishing with

Snapp Radio from Sun Labs – Mash it up Yourself

What is Snapp RadioSnapp Radio is a mashup of Radio Paradise, and Flickr. While you are listening to music on Radio Paradise or Last.FM, Snapp Radio will collect images that are related to the current song and present them as a slideshow in your Web browser. How does it work? Snapp Radio will connect

Web Instant Messengers

If your office doesn’t let you install messengers and/or chat during work hours, then you probably shouldn’t do so, but if you still feel the insatiable urge to do so, these web-based messengers are here for your aid. Some of these are popular and may already be blocked in most of the firms. Meebo Meebo