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What is .Mac?
(pronounced “Dot Mac”) refers to a group of online services offered by Apple Computer mainly for its Mac OS users, although a limited subset of features are available for other platforms. Originally a free service exclusively to Mac OS users, .Mac now works on an annual subscription service.

Features of .Mac

iWebPublishing with iWeb

Seamless integration with iWeb — the newest member of iLife ’06 — makes it easy to publish your websites with a single click of a button. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Create beautiful pages with Apple-designed templates
  • Publish your websites with a single click — no configuration necessary
  • Post blogs and podcasts without the confusion of creating RSS feeds
  • Add stunning online slideshows to your photo albums automatically
  • Set a password to keep sites private


.Mac iDisk makes it easy to exchange files with friends or centralize your documents so that you can access them anywhere, at any time. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Use storage space on Apple’s secure servers
  • View files and folders on your desktop
  • Drag files to your Public folder
  • Invite colleagues to download your documents
  • Access iDisk from a Mac or a PC
  • Protect your Public folder with a password
  • Store up to 1GB; upgradeable to 4GB
  • Sleep easy with a data transfer rate upgradeable up to 250GB per month


Communicate, coordinate, and stay in sync with your club, team, or organization. .Mac Groups includes a group email address and website. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Create a private password-protected website for group images, message boards, announcements, calendars, member list, links to other websites of interest
  • Make a group email alias
  • Post or view group messages on the group’s own private mac.com address that only members can use
  • Manage your group with Apple ease of use
  • Publish web pages with group photos
  • Share files in the group’s private iDisk folder, accessible to members only
  • Keep track of group meetings, special events, practices and other important dates on a group calendar
  • Create any number of groups (each requires 30MB from your iDisk allotment)


.Mac Sync keeps up-to-date information at your fingertips, whether you use multiple Macs or whether you’re on the road without your Mac. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Synchronize your key information wherever you go
  • View and update Address Book contacts and Safari bookmarks instantly
  • Sync Mail rules, signatures, Smart Mailboxes, and Keychain passwords in Mac OS X Tiger
  • Access contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and email on the Web via any Internet-connected Mac, Windows-PC or even hotel TV

Member BenefitsMember Benefits

Exclusive member benefits include free software downloads as well as special product discounts — all available through Member Central.

  • Go to .Mac Member Central for free downloads of popular Mac software such as GarageBand Jam Pack Loops
  • Receive special discounts on selected products and free updates to .Mac features
  • Get the complete details of a .Mac membership:

    Product Overview


Let your friends and family subscribe to your shared iPhoto albums and view your full-resolution photos on their own computers. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Publish your photo albums using .Mac and anyone can subscribe
  • Subscribers receive your full quality photos directly within iPhoto 6 or RSS reader on a Mac or PC
  • Use a subscribed photocast like any iPhoto album in your library
  • Subscribed photocasts automatically stay updated

Backup 3Backup 3

Protect your precious memories with this powerful upgrade to .Mac Backup. Scheduled automatic backups are as easy as 1-2-3. See Video Quick Tour…

  • Back up your iLife files with a single-click
  • Customize your own backup plans in minutes using QuickPicks or a Tiger Spotlight search
  • Archive your iLife photos, movies, and purchased music in a single step with preset backup plans
  • Set flexible schedules that automatically update archives for you
  • Back up important files to your iDisk (keeping them secure on Apple’s servers), a hard drive, iPod, CDs, or DVDs
  • Save time and archive only what you’ve changed since your last backup using incremental backups


.Mac Mail is ad-free and elegant, with virus protection built right in. And you can access it through Mac OS X Mail or through our cutting-edge new .Mac webmail.
See Video Quick Tour…

  • Pick up where you left off no matter which computer you checked email from last with IMAP
  • Get 1GB of combined email and iDisk Storage
  • Enjoy advanced webmail with message pane, Quick Reply, and drag-and-drop
  • Keep your mac.com email address even if you change Internet providers
  • Create up to five aliases for fun or to protect against unwanted mail
  • Access your email from a Mac, PC or the web and IMAP keeps everything coordinated
  • Fix typos instantly with integrated spell-checker
  • Add text and photo signatures to messages
  • Set an auto-reply to handle incoming email when you’re away

Family PackFamily Pack

Enjoy separate .Mac accounts, including private email accounts, websites, iDisk, and .Mac Sync. Share files easily through a family iDisk folder.

  • Enjoy the perfect mix of privacy and family sharing at an attractive price
  • Share a main account and four sub-accounts
  • Utilize 1GB of storage shared between Mail and iDisk on the main account
  • Divvy 250MB of storage to each sub-account, for a total of 2GB split among the five accounts
  • Maintain separate .Mac accounts, each with a private email address
  • Keep the peace: every family member can enjoy his or her own personal website, sync bookmarks and contacts, back up important files, and start a group

Learning CenterLearning Center

The Learning Center offers step-by-step tutorials on the applications you use most, including iLife, iWork, Mac OS X, and .Mac.

  • Follow along with QuickTime movies and text-based information
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Try out new skills on sample files

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