– Free Online File Storage is a virtual storage space for your computer files. With packages starting at just $4.99 per month for 5GB, you will have enough space to hold thousands of Documents, Photos, Music Files, and Video Clips. Try us out for as long as you’d like by signing up for our 1GB free account. Whether you want to move files among multiple computers, backup important data in the event of a computer crash, or share documents and photos with friends and colleagues, is for you. Here are just some of the recommended uses:'s browse screen

  • Save backup copies of important files: Always have a backup plan to prevent data loss in case of computer failure
  • Move documents between your computers: Use your Box to transfer files so that you can work on them in any javascript:void(0)
  • Setup sub-accounts for multiple user access: A perfect solution for small businesses and workgroups requiring collaboration
  • Store photos and other important memories: Relax! Your priceless files and photos are always safe
  • Share files or create online photo galleries: Hassle-free sharing; show off your vacation photos or send a file to a friend!


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