Free software to profile Windows PC configurations and Status – Belarc.

Belarc is a very good software to profile system information of your windows pc. In spite of being a free software, this provides a lot of features to understand the system configurations.

Belarc can give information about:

  • Family of the processor installed in your machine.
  • Local drive volumes
  • Memory modules
  • Printer information.
  • Multimedia information.
  • All your installed softwares
  • Status of your Microsoft hot fixes.
  • Your Anti-virus status.
  • Also will show the security/ vulnerability status of your machine.

Above all these information will be presented in an HTML page.

Supported Operating Systems:Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4, Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla.

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