Free new mail service from AOL India

AOL has started new mail service for India,, which is absolutely a free email service.
It has cool and intuitive mail interface. Also your mailbox is well integrated with your address
book, calendar, To Do lists and many more to come.

Its very good example for Web 2.0 compliant mail service. You don’t have to traverse to
different pages to add your contacts or enter an even in your calendar or to make a To Do

It also has great features like

  • Displaying mail automatically
  • Playing sound for new mail.
  • You can set vacation response.
  • Auto sign off after 24 hrs
  • Rich Text Editor for composing mails
  • Very Good Spell checker
  • Well appreciated spam control
  • Mobile Mail Access

So what are you waiting for?. Go and get your mail id in your name, ie;

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