Google bags second position in alexa ranking by pushing msn to third

If we analyze the traffic trend in last three months, we can see that Google has bagged the second position in the Alexa ranking, by pushing MSN to third place. Yahoo is still holding its first position in Alexa ranking, without being hampered by the online cold war.
You can refer the image below, comparing the traffic ranks of,, and

If we look at the traffic trends, we can also see that is improving its ranking day by day. So, that means Microsoft is pushing more to conquer the online presence at the cost of If we see the reach of in last three months, it is around 26.82%. And the reach of is 24.58%. Similarly for is 22.78% and for it is 18.44%. So, once Microsoft transfers all its online services to, it would reach around 40%. That means we can expect, to be in the first position of Alexa ranking in the near future.

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