Make selective snapshot of your desktop items with WinSnap

winsnap_screenshot Prt Scr key would be the choice of most of the PC users to take the snapshot of the items available in the current desktop. After pressing the Prt Scr key you have to open your favourite image editor like MS Paint, IrfanView, GIMP or Photoshop to copy the image from the buffer. Then you have to cut the required part of the desktop snapshot for further editing. Unfortunately the buffer can accommodate only one image snapshot at a time.

Other way-out for selectively getting the snapshot of desktop windows, objects or desktop area is to use WinSnap. It is a cool software that will let you choose the desktop snapshot area along with special effects like shadow, reflection, rounded edges, water mark etc and with an auto saving option. The WinSnap application is a very small size application in KBs. It is also available for 64 bit systems.

Download WinSnap software trial

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