Tips and Settings to enjoy more privacy in Orkut

privacy_icon Internet users are able to get connected and networked easily with the help of social networking sites. Many businesses have flourished by choosing the social networking ideas in their business diversions. We are able to get in touch with lot many people across the globe with  a click of mouse button, while compromising our privacy.

The big players like Google, Yahoo etc all have a well defined privacy policy for handling the personal and confidential data of their users. Now Google search has become an indispensable part of our daily life, so that we tend to depend on Google to find any sort of information. In Orkut, Google has provided an option to hide your photo and profile information from Google search and also to avoid you being traced by searching with your email id.

In order to enforce these privacy options in Orkut, you need to click the Settings link on the left side of your Orkut page and select the privacy tab. Then choose the options according to your preference.


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