Safety tips for using Wi-Fi in public places

Not just laptops, now you can browse internet using mobile and tablets like Ipad and ITab using Wi-Fi connectivity in public places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels etc. I would like to share few tips I have compiled from various sources, to help you enjoy the convenience of pubic Wireless networks by protecting your privacy.

  • Install and enable a firewall
    If you are using Windows / Linux you can enable the default firewall comes with the standard operating system, which would be suffient to keep unauthorized access to your smart devices.
  • Keep your files hidden
    When you use public Wi-Fi, network encryption is often out of your control. Check the privacy statement on the network’s website to learn about the type of encryption they use. (If they don’t have a privacy statement, you’d be better off not using the Wi-Fi.)
  • Avoid providing credit card numbers or passwords
    It is always better to avoid using credit card numbers and passwords in a public wireless network, it may land up in wrong hands. If you want to use credit card, then ensure that you are making payments through a secure connection, look for the “https://” link in the address bar and check for the credibility of server certificate authority.
  • Disable or Turn off wireless network if you are not using it
    If you are not browsing sites, checking mails or watching videos and photos, better disconnect from the public wireless network.
  • Install and update your antivirus or internet security software.

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