Google April Fool Pranks 2013

Google plays pranks with all users world wide on April 1 every year, with its well crafted fake feature additions,  products or announcements. In this year, Google came out with three approaches, Youtube shutdown notification, GMail blue and Google Nose!.

1. YouTube gave a shutdown notice and it will no longer accepts any new videos. Watch the video announcement below.

2. GMail Blue : I was initially excited to read about GMail blue announcement. I thought its gonna be a real performance addition to GMail. But, when I tried to sign in, it was just taking me to the Google accounts page!. Then I realized that Google fooled me! Watch the GMail Blue announcement video below.

3. Google Nose: Google announced about its new feature called Google Nose, throwing up the search in a newer dimension at the aroma level. Watch the video below, product manager Jon Wooly’s smile says it all !

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