Protect Photos & Videos in Android Gallery – Personal Privacy

Many times you would be interested to hide photos and videos inside your Android Smartphone from others.
Here are some apps that would help you achieve hiding your media files from others by protecting it with password.
This is one of the very famous app for securing your personal photos and videos with an option for individually hiding for personal privacy.
Key features of Gallery Lock app are
  • Hide Photos & Videos, individually and as a folder
  • Stealth Mode supported which hides the launch icon)
  • Watchdog feature which takes photo of the attacker with built-in camera, after 3rd failed password attempt.
  • Share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.
  • Cloud Backup supported to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
  • Easy-to-use PIN,Pattern access

2. Safe Gallery Free -Photo/Movie

 This is another app for protecting your privacy by hiding each of the media files using password.  This app provides you a easy to use interface to manage the albums of gallery, view & move pictures.
Try these apps by yourself to secure your media files inside your Android smartphone.

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