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How to stay safe from ransomeware and virus attacks

Ransomware attacks are not like the normal virus attacks where the destroy your data and mess up your computer systems network, but they seize your data and information for ransom. This is carried out through the process of encryption. In this process all the important data in the system will be encrypted using a specific

Security solutions for protection from WannaCry

When many computers across the world held ransom by WannaCry, there are few prominent security solutions that had the capability to detect and provide protection from the impending threats of the ransomware. These solutions were from well reputed Internet security solution providers. It was observed by ciso of a security firm that the WannaCry ransomware

Analyze the strength of your Password Online

Strength of your password decides how hard is to predict your password , either by humans or by computer programs.Its very important to keep a strong password for your computers, email accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts and even for your smartphones. New set of tools and programs are getting created by hackers, day by

Ubuntu is most secure Operating System as per CESG assessment

CESG Communications-Electronics Security Group, UK government security arm of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) has made a securing assessment among 11 consumer Operating Systems, among both Mobile and Desktops. In the assessment Ubuntu 12.04LTS came out to be superior, by passing 9 requirements. 12 areas which were considered for assessing the security of Operating systems are,

Protect Photos & Videos in Android Gallery – Personal Privacy

Many times you would be interested to hide photos and videos inside your Android Smartphone from others. Here are some apps that would help you achieve hiding your media files from others by protecting it with password. 1. Gallery Lock This is one of the very famous app for securing your personal photos and videos with

Enable HTTPS for Yahoo Web Mail

Yahoo mail free version doesn’t come with a HTTPS security enabled by default. You need to change the mail settings to enable the use of HTTPS method for email. Use of HTTPS in mail ensures that your Yahoo mails cannot be read by a hacker who can sniff packets from your network. Follow the steps

Free Reliable Antivirus Software for Windows 8 PCs

Antivirus softwares are indeed a life saviour for computer systems, especially one which runs Windows Operating Systems. Most of the viruses target Windows OSes compared to other operating systems. Here we have the list of prominent free antivirus softwares you can download from the internet. AVG Antivirus AVG is one of the free but reliable

Russian gets free drinks from vending machine

A guy with a measuring tape can get his thirst for drinks satisfied by dealing with a vending machine without paying a penny in Russia. The video depicting the act throws up how a vending machine is susceptible to such hacks! The above act is considered as an act of theft. Stealing is a punishable

How to set an alphanumeric passcode in iPhone 5

Alphanumeric passwords are more secure, difficult to guess and adds an extra layer of protection  to your iPhone. In fact setting an alpha numeric password is pretty simple and straight forward in iPhone 5!. Follow the steps below to enable alphanumeric passwords in iPhone 5: Step 1: First of all  head to ‘Settings’ section .

Download free antivirus from Microsoft

Microsoft provides free antivirus and antimalware for Windows users, with the Microsoft Security Essentials pack. It claims to be light weight and will not consume much of the system resources for scanning and updates. I have installed Microsoft’s Antivirus along with my Kaspersky Internet Security, and both are working happily without hogging the system resources.