Reliable Cloud Hosting Service Providers in 2017

Top Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud hosting providers are the backbone of most of the SMEs and pro-bloggers. The utility based pricing model offered by the service providers made the hosting affordable to most the web entrepreneurs.

Based on our experience we have made the list of top cloud service providers. We have experimented and published our services on few of the  the cloud services providers and we also have recommended few of the service providers to our clients.

  • Google Cloud Platform – Google offers the same infrastructure  used by its internal services for cloud hosting. The offerings ranges from simple to complex resources based on the developer requirements. Recently Google has made available its Tensor Processing Unit on cloud, which enables its developers to make use of the computing power for machine learning applications
  • Amazon EC2 – Amazon has ventured into the cloud computing, and added the momentum with its various reliable cloud offerings. They have worked to integrate their cloud platform with various third party solutions. Amazon also provides cloud infrastructure that can take care of heavy computation loads.
  • DigitalOcean – Digital ocean is considered to be the easiest cloud offering service, which is primarily targeting web application developers who are interested in quickly building their applications.  Digital ocean is considered to be an affordable cloud hosting service for developers, supporting solid state storage.
  • Rackspace – Rackspace is web hosting giant, who entered into the service of offering cloud resources to its customers, with unlimited resource plans with respect storage and bandwidth.
  • Microsoft Cloud – Even though Microsoft upholds the policy of pushing Windows operating system, their cloud services do offer Linux based resources for the customers. They
  • Linode – Linode cloud is considered to be the least priced cloud resource provider, when you compare with the configurations offered by the cloud service providers as a whole. They are really good for prototyping your apps for the web and later expanding to bigger resources for production deployments.
  • HostGator – HostGator is also a web hosting firm, who offers cloud services to its customers. And they are doing their services fairly well.
  • Salesforce – Salesforce offers the cloud services primarily through their SaaS model. They offers various applications and APIs for the developers to harness and to improve productivity.
  • Alibaba Cloud – Alibaba cloud is the latest candidate into the cloud hosting space. They also provide very competitive cloud services with other existing cloud hosting service providers

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