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Share Folders in Google Drive for Collaboration

Google Drive is the most convenient data and files sharing solution in cloud, like Dropbox,  for all Google account holders. It allows you to share documents with multiple people and allows collaborative editing of these documents. Even you can retrieve previous versions of the edited documents. Other than sharing just files, Google Drive now allows

Install Google Docs plugin for Microsoft Office

Google docs set the trend of online office collaboration!, as the trend set by Microsoft Office in desktop office collaboration. Here is a plugin to bridge the gap between online and desktop office collaboration, and to supercharge your business collaboration. OffiSync  is the plugin that helps you to unify the power of Microsoft Office and

WebEx Meeting Center – Dawn of new era in Web Meetings

WebEx Meeting Center is an ultimate web meeting solution from WebEx. This can help you conduct meetings with customers and colleagues around the globe to present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects. Features of WebEx Meeting Center Integrate live audio, video and data: Easily create dynamic and persuasive multimedia presentations that integrate live audio,