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Desktop calendar Rainlendar 2.2 released with great features

The highly customizable desktop calendar Rainlendar 2.2 is released with great features and fixes. Those features and fixes are: Full Google Calendar support. Added Urgent category to the Shadow4 skin. Added a separate snooze button to the alarm window for all items. Alarm time was calculated incorrectly for weekly recurring events. Fixed. Added support for

Sparky Web Rank Toolbar for Firefox from Alexa

Alexa, the company which provides the website ranking depending on the traffic to each web sites, has launched its toolbar for Firefox web browser named Sparky. Its not just a toolbar, its some thing more than that.Sparky will provide comprehensive traffic details about the web site you are browsing. They are providing details like Related

Download highly customizable free desktop calendar

Rainlendar is a higly customizable and feature rich free desktop calendar. Its is very easy to use also will consume very less space and memory. Set Events and To-do list: You can add the forthcoming events in the Events list also the you can list the works in To-do list, to plan your schedules. You

Target regional and local customers with Google Adwords

Adwords can help to promote even your regional business. This is a very helpful for businesses which are limited to particular region and they who interested in targetting customers in particular areas alone. So what ever you spend for getting your Adwords package can eventually help you bring more income. You can even specify the

Use Google Click-to-Call with Adwords to meet business targets

Google’s well pronounced Click-to-Call feature along with Adwords is emerging as a real solution for boosting the business. Its a boon for sales people, who want to do their business directly with people. More over, with this feature a firm can get their customers on direct line, facilitating easy customer interaction and thus meeting business

What happened to Xanga Blogging Service

Its been more than a day, , a community of online diaries and journals is down for maintenance. People who have their blogs hosted in are getting worried of the sudden offline status of the Xanga server, without any notification. At least, they should notify their valuable customer of this maintenance. I think

Video Ads from Google On the Run

Google started screening video ads in with their content relevant ads program, adsense. In order to enable Google video ads from your adsense script, you need to setup adsense with text and images section only. Currently they are not providing any video ads specific setup wizard in the adsense. Its a welcome step from Google,

Temporary solution for blogger template save problem

Finally the template save challenge I was facing got a work around from blogger team.Blogger engineers found out that the issue was because of an outdated adsense code and they areworking on it to fix.What we need to do is to add the following line of code into each ad code snippet, directly after the

Blogger reports error on Save Template Changes

When I tried to make some modifications to my blogger template, it was giving “unable to complete request” error. The problem was only with my account, even I checked with my friends they are not facing these challenges. I have tried from two different systems but still the problem persists. I tried with both firefox