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Use Smart Phone as Candle for Birthday Cake Cutting Celebrations

Here is a simple approach to get a virtual candle, if you need to arrange a quick birthday or anniversary celebration with cake cutting, or a candle light dinner or even to hold a candle during concert!. These needs can be addressed with the help of a candle app available in most of the smartphones,

When you unable to send files to your phone via Bluetooth from PC

Even after pairing your phone via Bluetooth to your PC or Laptop, you might find it hard to send files with right click and Send to ‘Bluetooth’ menu option. I could not get any error message on the phone screen, why its unable to receive files!. Then I moved to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Bluetooth

How to automatically download new apps music and books on iPhone 5

Here is a very simple configuration that would let you download your apps, music and books automatically on your iPhone 5. Follow the simple steps to do so Step 1: Go to settings  and traverse to the middle of the page. Step 2: Select the “Store” option Step 3: Inside under “Automatic Downloads” change the

Easy Mobile Photo Publishing with Tittr is an online service that helps users to publish their photos to web directly from your mobile. It is very simple to do this. Take a snap with your mobile and email it to with subject as the title for the snap. Then your picture will be posted on top of the web

Download Currency Converter with Live Rate for Mobile

Currency converter is a very useful application for Mobile phones as with Desktop PC. Important feature of a currency converter is the conversion factor value should be the latest and live, so that the user will get exact conversion rates. This will help users in trading with foreign exchanges and agencies. The software Currency Converter

Nokia 6110 Navigator Review

Here is a new member from Nokia stable, Nokia 6110 Navigator. This is a very cool slider phone with 3G network support. This mobile also has inbuilt GPS receiver, which would help mobile users to make use of the GPS facilities to find travel routes. You can enjoy the superb sound quality with its Stereo

Download Dictionary for your Mobile Phone

Dictionary is a must have companion for everyone, irrespective of age and profession. It would be always better if we can have a dictionary in our mobile phone. This would help us to enrich our vocabulary and to clear doubts on spellings. Here is a Sun Mobile Dictionary which can be used in all the

Download Bible for your mobile phone

We are now living in the era of mobile computing and even the GSM technology has celebrated 20th birthday. Because of the growth of advanced mobile handsets, computers and getting slowly replaced by mobile computers. Because of these rapid advancements many of the companies started porting most of the utilities and applications available for desktop

Find travel routes with your mobile and amAze

Amaze is a free GPS navigation software for mobile with integrated map search and route calculation facility. With the help of amAze installed in your mobile, you can find the routes between two places very easily.Along with route finding feature, amAze has a very good voice enabled guidance facility. This voice enabled guidance facility would

Samsung YP-P2 Touch Screen Smartphone, a Competitor to iPhone

Samsung came up with a new touch screen smartphone, which could be a biggest competitor for the well launched iPhone by Apple. The size of Samsung YP-P2 is 100 x 52 x 9.9 mm and its weight is 85g. This has a 3 inch, 480 x 272 pixels with touch screen facility. The available colors