Major Features to Experience in Windows Vista

There are lot of things you can do with new Microsoft Windows Vista. Here we have listed the major features available in Windows Vista.

New Windows Vista start menu: This is one of the first change you experience in Windows Vista. Microsoft has worked a lot in start menu, to make it intuitive and user friendly.

New Search Explorer: In search explorer you can choose files via new stack view. Also you can save the search for future reference. Apart from this the search is much more faster compared to older versions of windows.

Enhanced User Interface: If your PC hardware supports the Windows® Aero™ (the 3D Desktop effect) user experience, open multiple files and experience the 3D view of the files opened by Windows Flip (ALT+TAB) or Flip 3D (Windows key+TAB).

Collaborate with a colleagues with Windows Meeting Space: Windows Meeting Space is a new experience in Windows Vista that enables you to start collaboration session with other Windows Vista users in the same sub-net infrastructure or close enough for you to create direct PC-to-PC connection connection. You can also set the access privileges for the files you want to share.

Share a folder or file directly from your PC: With Windows Vista you can now share folders and individual files with any other user on the same network. After sharing Windows Vista can even automatically compose an e-mail to the individuals with which you have shared the content. The auto-generated e-mail contains a hyperlink to the shared content, enabling the recipient to instantly be taken to the shared content.

Create an XPS Document: XPS documents are a new archiving format perfect for preserving content and for securely sharing information in an application independent way. To create an XPS document, open any document in virtually any application, and select the print option. In the printer selection menu, choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer, and save the file. Double click on the file, which should open it in the XPS Viewer, which is hosted by Internet Explorer 7. The XPS document is a pixel-perfect rendition of the original source material.

Speed up your PC’s performance with Windows ReadyBoost: Windows Vista introduces a new concept for adding additional performance to a running system. Windows ReadyBoost™ lets people use flash memory on a USB 2.0 drive, SD Card, Compact Flash, or other memory form factor to provide additional memory cache—memory that the computer can access much more quickly than it can access data on the hard drive. Insert a USB 2.0 memory drive with at least 512 MB capacity. When prompted, click use this device to speed up my computer.

Recover a previous version of a document with “Previous Versions”: Windows Vista introduces a new feature: Previous Versions. This allows you to “roll back” the clock to an earlier version of a file that you may have accidentally saved over or edited. In the Documents Explorer, open a document, edit it, save it, and then close it. While selecting the document, choose the Previous Versions option on the command bar, which will bring up a list of previously saved versions of the individual file. Choose a previous version and Windows Vista will restore your file to that version. But all edits since that version will be lost.

This is a very small list, stay tuned to get more …

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