McAfee’s Anonymizer®, Anonymous Surfer™ – Letting you surf the internet without leaving tracks

You all know that the Internet is an ocean of information that people dive into for numerous reasons: entertainment and education, work and play. Unfortunately, the Internet also comes with hidden dangers, including privacy invasion and identity theft. Like riptides, new perils are constantly emerging and threatening to turn even the most savvy of surfers into online victims.

Fortunately, Anonymizer® Anonymous Surfing™ protects your privacy and secures your identity by washing away your Internet surfing history, like a wave over footprints in the sand. Hiding your IP address prevents hackers from tracking the sites you visit and building profiles based upon your online activities. Anonymizer® Anonymous Surfing™ also warns you before you visit web sites known for stealing personal data and, ultimately, identities.

If you unknowingly visit one of these sites, a warning page will display to notify you of the hidden dangers that are lurking ahead.Phishing threats lure unsuspecting email recipients into clicking a link in an email that looks like it’s from their bank to update their account information. However, these clever scams are simply trying to steal your personal information, credit card information, and more.

Anonymous® Surfing™ protects against phishing scams with a real-time anti-phishing feed that integrates into your Web browser to block you from clicking through to these fraudulent sites. Updated every fifteen minutes, this added protection automatically displays a warning page to notify you that you are being led to a known phishing site.

In spite of having all these great features, Anonymizer® comes with a very nominal price. Get McAfee’s Anonymous Surfer™, Anonymizer®

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