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Download and Experience the safe and secure browsing with Firefox 3

Mozilla has released the much awaited browser from its stable, Firefox 3, on 17th of June 2008. The all new Firefox 3 comes with a big bundle of features. Mozilla team has given high priority to performance improvement, security, easy customization, look and feel etc. Apart from this there are a lot many features to

Beware of Email Scam and Phishing

I happened to receive an email, claiming to be from PayPal, and asking me to click the link provided with the mail.And funny thing was that the from address was referring to ““, can be confused with ““. Thanks for GMail. It marked the mail as Spam and also inserted a warning message in the

Tips for keeping your self safe in the internet.

I have compiled some tips from various sources for staying your self safe, online. Have a glimpse through them and be safe on your side. Never disclose your personal details to people online. Don’t respond to suspicious e-mails. Don’t click links in suspicious e-mails. Delete suspicious e-mails and move on. Update your Anti-virus Definitions. Install

Tips to identify a spam mails and email scams.

We have some tips to identify whether the mail you received is a part of email scam ora spam mail. If any of the following conditions are true then the mail you received mightbe an email scam or spam mail. If you does’nt know the person who has sent you the message. If you are

Top 10 Security threats in 2007

McAfee has compiled the possible security threats in 2007.Here are those top 10 security threats: Identity theft and data loss remain top concerns as organized crime increasingly exploits vulnerable Internet users. Phishing continues to flourish as identity thieves use password-stealing Web sites and fake sign-in pages for popular services like eBay and PayPal. Unwanted email—especially

Laptop Security Tips

There are some thumb rules to be followed to make your laptop secure fromattacks. I have compiled a few for you. Make sure it’s actually the hotel network to which you’re connecting. WiFi density is so high in some areas that you have to be cautious. Just because you are in a hotel room, doesn’t

Basic Computer Security Tips

Here are some basic computer security tips, that everyone must follow. Use strong passwords. Choose passwords that are difficult or impossible to guess. Use different passwords to each accounts. Never use your date of birth, vehicle number, license number, parents name, spouse’s name as passwords. Try to use a mixture of alphabets, numbers and symbols.

Safety tips for Cyber Romance

Before we start…you need to recognize that the only way to stay truly safe in a dating situation is to not date, period! There are always risks in dating, especially when you date strangers (blind dates, first dates and cyber-dates). In addition, teens should not be cyberdating. There are special rules for teens online. These : World’s largest online safety and help group

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