Top 10 Security threats in 2007

McAfee has compiled the possible security threats in 2007.
Here are those top 10 security threats:

  • Identity theft and data loss remain top concerns as organized crime increasingly exploits vulnerable Internet users.
  • Phishing continues to flourish as identity thieves use password-stealing Web sites and fake sign-in pages for popular services like eBay and PayPal.
  • Unwanted email—especially bandwidth-eating image spam hyping phony stock tips—makes a big comeback.
  • Hackers increasingly hide worms in video files posted on social networking communities like MySpace and YouTube.
  • Mobile phone attacks come of age. In August, Avert noted its first “SMiShing” attack with VBS/Eliles, a mass mailing worm that sends short message service (SMS) messages to mobile phones.
  • Adware distribution goes mainstream as legitimate companies look to bolster advertising revenue.
  • Hackers reply more on bots, automated PC programs, to steal personal data or hijack computers into zombie networks.
  • “Parasitic infector viruses” that corrupt data and help remote hackers compromise a system—previously on the decline—return to plague computer users.
  • Rootkits on 32-bit platforms proliferate.
  • “Zero-day attacks” continue immediately after Microsoft OS patch updates. Meanwhile, last week, Microsoft noted 11 more vulnerabilities related to its products, bringing the 2006 total to more than 150.

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