Download Windows Live Toolbar from Microsoft

Microsoft is out with Windows Live Toolbar for Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, to boost its Live Search. After defining new dimensions in search assistance with MsDewey.
They claims pretty good features, like

  • Start a search from any web page.
  • Better block phishing scams and viruses.
  • Personalize your Web experience.
  • Get instant information from any Web page.
  • Chart a course with Live Search Maps.
  • Make Web surfing simple with tabbed browsing.
  • Stay informed about topics you care about.

Also you can add and create custom buttons available in the live gallery. Its indeed a great thing. But, one thing I found is that, Microsoft has completely neglected the Mozilla family of browsers. I guess Microsoft didn’t come to know that Mozilla family constitutes 25% of the web browser share.
Download Windows Live Toolbar for IE 6.0+

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