Google knows themself better than other image search engines

We tried searching the respective search providers name as a search query, in their on image search engines. First, we tried searching “google” in Google Image Search. And the image search results revealed that Google knows well, about what is Google. [Search Google in Google ]
Have a look at the screen shot below to see the Google search results.

Then, we tried searching “yahoo” in Yahoo Image Search. And the first image in the search result was bit embarrassing. But we got the Yahoo logo and Yahoo Messenger logo as second and third image. [Search Yahoo in Yahoo]
You can see the image of the search result below.

Then, we went with searching “microsoft” in Live Image Search. The search result gave a NICE Windows Vista wallpaper as the first image. Looks cool!!!. [ Search Microsoft in Live ].
Refer the search result image below.

If you are interested in exploring further, you can try the same with Altavista Image search.

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