Convert images and photos to video with Microsoft Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 for Windows is an excellent tool from Microsoft to convert or to say express your photos and images as video. Photo Story 3 gives you a very user friendly interface, that will let you narrate your story with photos and images.

Photo Story 3 offers lot of cool features

  • This will let you import images as group.
  • You can adjust color level and correct the red eye in images.
  • It allows you to give lot of effects like black and white, sepia, washout, negative and diffuse glow and heading to each photos.
  • You can even customize the time of motion in each photos.
  • Even this will allow you to put background music to your video story, either by selecting a pre-existing one or by creating by itself.
  • You can even create the video album for your Smart Phone or Pocket PC with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile or even for Portable Media Center.

Photo Story 3 is a great tool that will let you create a video album from your static photos of an event. This will be very much helpful if you wish to create your marriage video album from your marriage photos. Here is a tutorial from Microsoft that will explain you how to make wedding photos to a wedding memories video album.
[ Download Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows ]

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