Free Desktop capturing software to aid remote demonstration, education and tech support

CamStudio is a free video recording software to record your desktop activities. Just invoke this software to capture the desktop screen activities and it will take care of creating the video of your desktop activities depending on your input controls.

This software will find very useful in following situations

  • Demonstrating your software product remotely: When you want to give a demonstration of your software product, you can create a video with CamStudio and circulate in CDs/ DVDs with the concerned people for demonstration. Also you can give a remote demonstration by uploading the software product demonstration video in video sharing web sites like YouTube and circulate the video url with the clients.
  • Creating multimedia tutorials for students: You can make use of CamStudio screen capturing along with audio recording to create multimedia tutorials for educating students ranging from little kids to university graduates. This would aid students learning the subjects step by step, as you can deliver the step by step activities of the subject in your destop along with your own audio explanation.
  • Creating How to Do Videos for customers: CamStudio screen capture with audio recording will also help your circulating videos for solving frequently asked questions about your product or technologies. This would help in reducing the cost of technical support for very common issues and doubts.
  • Promoting your blog and websites: Create a video with CamStudio showing the important and popular pages of your blog or website and upload the video in video sharing portals like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and MSN Video. By providing the blog or web site address in the video would help attracting more visitors who are watching the videos across the globe.

Download the latest version of CamStudio here.

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