Make GMail load faster by configuring firebug

Most of the web developers and javascript freaks are in close relation with FireBug add-on for Firefox. FireBug can transform Firefox browser to a web debugging environment. FireBug would help you locate the exact error in the HTML code and even in debugging javascript .

But use of FireBug add-on in Firefox may slow down GMail performance. In order to solve this GMail loading issue, you have to configure the FireBug add-on such that FireBug can be disabled for GMail alone.

Follow the steps below to disable FireBug for

Login to to
Click on the red or green icon at the right bottom corner of FireBug enabled Firefox browser.

Click on the FireBug icon and select Disable FireBug for

Done. But if you still want to debug, then you can customize the Firebug by clicking on the Options in the FireBug tool bar and disabling the showing of errors in different categories.

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