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Firefox 20 – A Gift from 15 year old Mozilla

Mozilla has released the Firefox 20 as a gift to its users on the occasion of completing 15 years in making and keeping the web  free  and open to all the internet users, since 31 March 1998!. Thanks and salute to Mozilla corporation!. There are few incredible updates added along with Firefox 20, few are

Mozilla Firefox courting with Microsoft Corporation

After the release of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer observed a migration of their browser users to Chrome. To withstand the competition and to keep the existing user base & to increase the usage, Mozilla Firefox teams up with Microsoft Corporation by launching Firefox with Bing search enabled as default. Let us hope,

Add Opera Like Speed Dial feature in Firefox

In Opera, Safari 4 and Google chrome you can find the speed dial facility for accessing most visited webpages. Unfortunately Firefox till now did not have a speed dial kind of feature in built with the standard web browser. But, now a new add-on can help you add this feature on your Firefox web browser.

Firefox 3 gaining edge over Internet Explorer

The famous web statistics provider statcounter has launched a global statistics section which highlights the global internet usage statistics on the basis of web browser, operating system, mobile web browser, mobile phones and search engines. In light of the statistics analyzed for last 7 months statcounter global statistics team has concluded that the usage of

Mozilla Firefox is under Yahoo’s cover

Google was the main company behind the promotion of Mozilla Firefox,  till they launched the Chrome web browser. It was a symbiotic relation ship between Google and Firefox, putting Google as default search engine in Firefox in one direction and promoting Firefox, through Google AdSense and allied Google sites in other direction. But after the

Download New Firefox with latest bug fixes

Firefox 3 has been released with latest bug fixes and security patches to make your browsing more secure and joyful. In the latest version Firefox 3.0.3, Mozilla team has fixed a bug which caused a problem where users were unable to retrieve saved passwords or save new passwords. And in the previous release Firefox 3.0.2,

Download and Experience the safe and secure browsing with Firefox 3

Mozilla has released the much awaited browser from its stable, Firefox 3, on 17th of June 2008. The all new Firefox 3 comes with a big bundle of features. Mozilla team has given high priority to performance improvement, security, easy customization, look and feel etc. Apart from this there are a lot many features to

List all your IM buddies on Firefox sidebar with Meebo addon

Meebo is a very famous Web IM which helps you to access prominent Instant Messaging services from Yahoo , Google, MSN and AIM. Now, with the help of Firefox web browser you can have sidebar for your chat buddies of meebo. You only need to install an addon for your Firefox web browser which will