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Quickly Change Notes App font in iPhone

If you don’t like the default font being used in the Notes app in iPhone, here is quick tip for changing it! The Marker Felt is the default font being used, and if you would like to change it follow the steps below, Step 1: Head to ‘Settings’ Step 2: Select ‘Notes’ Step 3: Now you can

How to automatically download new apps music and books on iPhone 5

Here is a very simple configuration that would let you download your apps, music and books automatically on your iPhone 5. Follow the simple steps to do so Step 1: Go to settings  and traverse to the middle of the page. Step 2: Select the “Store” option Step 3: Inside under “Automatic Downloads” change the

How to set an alphanumeric passcode in iPhone 5

Alphanumeric passwords are more secure, difficult to guess and adds an extra layer of protection  to your iPhone. In fact setting an alpha numeric password is pretty simple and straight forward in iPhone 5!. Follow the steps below to enable alphanumeric passwords in iPhone 5: Step 1: First of all  head to ‘Settings’ section .

How to lock iPhone 5 screen orientation

Sometimes orientation of the screen of your iPhone  5 could be little confusing, especially when you are listening  to your favorite tunes. But, its very easy to keep the orientation locked. Follow the steps below to lock the orientation of your iPhone 5 screen Step 1: Double Tap your home button and swipe to right. Step

New iPhone theme for Android

Here is a new theme for your Android phone, that could help you make your Android smart phone look like an iPhone!. The interface looks pretty cool with this new theme. You can download and try this theme from zedge.net for free. This themes icons look like, very much hyped iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S