Download All New Safari 4 with 150 features, to experience fastest and innovative browsing

Safari4The browser war has officially begun when Google launched its Chrome, but now  the war is going to get tougher than ever before with the new Safari 4. Apple brand is famous for launching unique products in a particular niche with maximum perfection and quality, rather than giving importance to number of varied products of same kind. Their history can speak more, till now it was iPhone, now it could be Safari 4.

Apple has launched the Safari 4 beta recently, allowing users to experience the faster and innovative browsing. Safari 4 is claiming to have 150 features, that would give a clear visibility among all other web browsers and to convert users of other browsers like IE, Firefox etc. I feel IE team will have a tough time ahead as they already loosing new users to Firefox 3.


The pretty features available in Safari 4 are,  Voice over screen reader, Speculative Loading of pages, Web kit, HTML 5 media and offline support, 3d view and pin facility for top sites, 3d history search, movable tabs, extensive rss reader, a bunch of developer tools and integration with iPhoto, iTunes and other Mac products.

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It is sure that, Safari 4 is going to give sleepless nights to other browser teams. Just try Safari 4 beta to experience its features.

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