What is Siri? How does it work?

Siri is a new and amazing feature introduced in Apple iPhone 4S. It’s a voice controlled interactive, and of course intelligent mobile assistant application in iPhone 4S.

Okay, how does it work? and after all how Siri can assist me?

Siri is nothing but an application which can control most of other services and applications in an iPhone 4S, based on the user voice queries and query history!. All you need to do is, ask Siri what you want!.

Here are few examples among the list of activities you can ask;

You may ask Siri,

  • To send/reply a text message
  • To check whether
  • To Check traffic and directions
  • To set reminder and alarm
  • To find restaurants and their reviews
  • To read out messages for you.
  • To make a call
  • To play music

Its not just a voice command system, but its much more intelligent and can remember previous inputs and actions. Watch the introduction video of Siri from Apple.

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