Water Resistant Nanotechnology to Protect Smartphones

Water is the prime enemy of all electronic gadgets, especially Smartphones!. Fixing the device after water damage is bit challenging, and you have to be lucky to get it work!. And, the famous saying fits well in this situation, “Prevention is better than Cure”. Lets focus on ways to protect smartphones from ¬†water damage.

Nanotechnology promises the solution for protecting devices from water damage with its water resistant material coating. Companies working on nanotechnology  water resistant research have partnered with many of the phone hardware manufacturing firms to introduce the water resistant feature.

Once its in full fledged production, we can have iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Android phones with water resistant capabilities. Sony Xperia Z is one of that kind with water resistant technology.

Watch the video from P2i technologies, demonstrating the water resistant nanotechnology coating.

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