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Protect Photos & Videos in Android Gallery – Personal Privacy

Many times you would be interested to hide photos and videos inside your Android Smartphone from others. Here are some apps that would help you achieve hiding your media files from others by protecting it with password. 1. Gallery Lock This is one of the very famous app for securing your personal photos and videos with

Disable Automatic App Updates in iOS7

Automatic app updates is a very useful feature in iOS7, in fact it takes care of keeping the installed apps updated with latest bug fixes and feature changes! Even though its a very nice feature, you might prefer to keep the current version of an app without upgrading it to a newer version. Follow the

iOS7 theme for Windows 8 and 8.1

iOS7 is the latest mobile operating system from Apple. iOS team has revamped  entire look and feel in iOS7 when  compared to the previous versions of iOS releases. If you are a fan of iOS7 or you would like to get a feel of iOS7 on your windows 8 or 8.1 system, here is a

Android 4.4 KitKat Official Update for Nexus 4

Official Android 4.4 KitKat is spreading across the world!. We also received the update for the Nexus 4 device. There is no new launcher available with the KitKat shipped for Nexus 4. There are no changes in the icon background and the icon groups. There are changes in the dialer, settings,lock screen, contacts, search for

How to take a Screenshot in iPhone 5S & 5C

Capturing the screen in iPhone 5S and5C is pretty simple and straight forward! You need to follow the steps below to capture the current screen as an image. 1. In your iPhone 5S or 5C, navigate to the screen on app you need to capture as an image 2. Press the ‘Power’ button and ‘Home’

iOS 7 theme for Android Phones

iOS 7 is the latest and advanced mobile operating system from Apple!. iOS team has completely revamped the look and feel along with the lock screen and notification mechanisms in iOS7. Do you have an android phone and you would like to experience the look and feel of iOS 7?, there are few free applications

Download Android Studio for Windows, Linux and Mac

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for developing android applications, launched during Google IO 2013. It is  based on the IntelliJ IDE. Android Studio offers live view of your app layout in various Android devices. This is quiet useful for checking the app compatibility in various devices, as well for internationalization. It is currently

Google Keep Note-taking integrated with Google Drive

Google Keep is a very promising note-taking app for Android devices from Google developers. It is well integrated with Google Drive for storing your notes safely and securely in the Google cloud storage. Google Keep is pretty intuitive, simple and easy to use note-making app worth using for noting the activities and thoughts to remember.

How to take a Screenshot in iPhone 5

Capturing what is displayed on the screen is pretty simple in iPhone 5.  In order to take a screenshot, you need to press the home button and the power button of your iPhone 5 at the same time. You will observe a screen flash and a camera shutter sound. You will find the screenshot image

When you unable to send files to your phone via Bluetooth from PC

Even after pairing your phone via Bluetooth to your PC or Laptop, you might find it hard to send files with right click and Send to ‘Bluetooth’ menu option. I could not get any error message on the phone screen, why its unable to receive files!. Then I moved to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Bluetooth