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Split PDF document to Multiple files with Google Chrome

Splitting PDF files for extracting certain pages can be easily done with the help of Google Chrome Web browser!. You don’t need to have any other application installed or internet connection required to carryout split. Follow the steps below to split a PDF document to multiple PDF files Step 1: Open the PDF document that

Change the Default Search Engine in Google Chrome Omnibox

Omnibox in Google Chrome allows you to shoot search queries directly from the address bar of the Chrome web browser. The default search engine is If you would like to change the default search engine to any other of your interest, you may follow the procedure below. Step 1: Click on the Google Chrome

Google Removed Search Box in Chrome 27 beta Search Results

I could observe a change in the position  of Google search results when searched through Omnibox in Google Chrome Beta 27.0.1453.65 beta-m.  After automatic upgrade to the latest beta version of Chrome web browser, the web search box is disappeared from Google search results. I tried search with Firefox 20, IE 10, Opera and Safari

Download Google Chrome for Business

Google Chrome has evolved from a personal desktop browser to an enterprise class browser!. The Google Chrome version for Business comes as an enterprise browser platform that will emphasis on better policy management and delivery of cloud services and controls! The enterprise version allows you to even deploy a private web store with custom and curated

ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED Unable to connect to [Temporary Fix]

Recently I started getting connection error in Google Chrome web browser when I tried to access But I was able to access URL with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera web browsers. Chrome just showed an error tab with a message: Error 15  ( net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED ): Unknown error. The Fix I found that

AdSense reporting Chrome Extension from Google

AdSense reporting statistics for publishers can be easily accessed from your favorite web browser, Google Chrome. Google AdSense team has launched a very useful Google Chrome extension for viewing the AdSense report instantly from Chrome web browser, the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. Install the AdSense reporting extension for Chrome to get instant details about publishers AdSense

How to uninstall an app from Google Chrome

Removing an app from Google Chrome is very simple as installing it. It provides a very simple interface for uninstalling the apps. Step 1: Open a new tab in Google Chrome and select the “Apps” section . Step 2: Right click on the app that need to be uninstalled, and select “Remove from Chrome” from

Chrome not yet support Google Indic Transiteration

The new web browser from Google stable, has already made a wave of change in the internet. Since the Chrome is only in beta (like most of other Google products), it need to be improved very much with respect to its add-ons, plug-ins and local language and font support. When I visited Google Indic transliteration