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Disable Automatic App Updates in iOS7

Automatic app updates is a very useful feature in iOS7, in fact it takes care of keeping the installed apps updated with latest bug fixes and feature changes! Even though its a very nice feature, you might prefer to keep the current version of an app without upgrading it to a newer version. Follow the

How to take a Screenshot in iPhone 5S & 5C

Capturing the screen in iPhone 5S and5C is pretty simple and straight forward! You need to follow the steps below to capture the current screen as an image. 1. In your iPhone 5S or 5C, navigate to the screen on app you need to capture as an image 2. Press the ‘Power’ button and ‘Home’

Where to buy iPhone 5S and 5C in India

Even though the official release of the latest iPhones in India, iPhone 5S and 5C is due in end of November , unlocked iPhone 5S and 5Cs are already floating for purchase in eCommerce portals. We have searched in ebay.in, and found that plenty of ebay sellers are offering new unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iOS Devices

Amazon now competes with Apple Photo Stream by providing Cloud storage for backing up photos in iOS devices.  Amazon provides 5GB of free storage. If your photo sizes 2MB on an average, then you could store around 2500 photos in Amazon Cloud Drive Photos , which is more than the cloud storage space provided by

How to take a Screenshot in iPhone 5

Capturing what is displayed on the screen is pretty simple in iPhone 5.  In order to take a screenshot, you need to press the home button and the power button of your iPhone 5 at the same time. You will observe a screen flash and a camera shutter sound. You will find the screenshot image

How to enable Emoji Keyboard for email and texts in iPhone

Emotions can be expressed well using Emoji in iPhone!. You can choose to enable Emojis in iPhone for you Email and Text communication. Follow the steps to enable Emoji in  your iPhone Step 1: Go to the “Settings”. Step 2: Tap “General”, scroll down and tap “Keyboard”, Step 3: Inside keyboard you will find another

Speed up iPhone by customizing what Spotlight indexes

Spotlight is a useful application that helps you find various stuffs quickly on your iPhone. If it is configured to search all the items in your iPhone, then definitely you will pay a price with performance of your phone!. Eventually, making your iPhone slower! Here is an option to make your iPhone perform faster, by

Quickly Change Notes App font in iPhone

If you don’t like the default font being used in the Notes app in iPhone, here is quick tip for changing it! The Marker Felt is the default font being used, and if you would like to change it follow the steps below, Step 1: Head to ‘Settings’ Step 2: Select ‘Notes’ Step 3: Now you can

How to automatically download new apps music and books on iPhone 5

Here is a very simple configuration that would let you download your apps, music and books automatically on your iPhone 5. Follow the simple steps to do so Step 1: Go to settings  and traverse to the middle of the page. Step 2: Select the “Store” option Step 3: Inside under “Automatic Downloads” change the

How to add timer to stop iPod app music play

Most of us love to listen music till we fall asleep. But the Music never sleeps until we switch it off, or it runs out of charge! Here is a very simple tip that would help you to stop music play on your iPhone if you fall asleep. Follow the below steps to make the iPod